Stump Removal Versus Stump Grinding

Posted on April 19, 2017

As there is with any industry, there is specific terminology and techniques in logging and land clearing, of Stump removal in NH from Towle Hill Treewhich many homeowners aren’t familiar. Towle Hill Tree and Timber is always happy to answer any questions our customers have, and one that asked along is the difference between stump removal versus stump grinding in NH.

Stump removal

Investing in an entire stump removal means eliminating the stump, as well as the root ball. The root ball is a mass formed by the roots of a tree or plant, which ultimately impacts the survival of the greenery and can be quite large, especially when removing larger trees. Once the root ball goes, you often have a large hole in the ground. Stump removal happens when a tree has been damaged/knocked over and have torn up a significant portion of the root system.

Stump grinding

After cutting down a tree to stump level, many will use grinding as a means to rid their yard of the remnants. Machinery grinds the stumps to fine pieces, often used as mulch or ground cover. After the stump gets milled a few inches below ground level, the divot can be covered by dirt. Time will allow the root system to decay naturally. Grinding is an economical and efficient way to extract stumps without the hassle of pulling up all of your property.

Depending on your needs, professionals can assess which method would be best for you. No matter your project, Towle Hill Tree and Timber would be happy to work with you for your stump removal needs in NH. Our professionals are certified, insured, and trained to remove your land safely and efficiently.

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