NH Stump Grinding FAQ

Posted on February 26, 2018


stump-933702_1920If you have recently purchased a plot of land with an abundance of trees or tree stumps and would like them removed, you likely have some questions. Is it an expensive process? What happens to the stumps? Do I need to have them removed once they are taken out? At Towle Hill Tree and Timber, we’ll take care of it all. From tree trimming to removal, and even stump grinding, we’ll make that tree disappear. Read on for some more frequently asked questions about NH stump grinding.


How do I measure the size of the tree stump I need removed?

Most stump grinding services charge based on the size of the removal, so it’s helpful to measure ahead of time to get an accurate estimate. Measure the width of the stump, including any visible roots if you want those taken care of as well. Additionally, make sure you mention the size hole you’d like left behind – if you’d like to plant something in its place! We can also backfill the hole if you’re planning on leveling the land for either residential or commercial building.

How deep do you grind stumps?

The answer to this question depends on the type of tree, but generally eight inches is the standard depth. We can also go deeper which can allow for replanting. NH stump grinding is a good option compared to pulling the stump out on your own. You are much less likely to damage the surrounding land by grinding. Additionally, grinding results in mulch, which is a nutrient dense fertilizer for planting new things.

Is it easier for me to rent a grinder and do the work myself?

We recommend against completing the job yourself. Our trained professionals will ensure that no other property gets damaged, and only the plants you want removed are taken out. Renting a stump grinder can be costly, not including the fuel to run the machine or the time you are spending on it.

NH Stump grinding is an important part of landscape maintenance. It can provide your lawn with nutritious mulch to use in other planting projects, or it can provide a level surface for building. As always, feel free to call us at (603) 944-1879 to answer any questions you have about tree removal and stump grinding NH.