NH Firewood Purchaser: Beware of the Ash Borer

Posted on October 26, 2018

emerald-ash-borer-1447682_1920If you’ve purchased NH firewood recently, you’ve probably noticed a recent spike in enforcing the policies and laws regarding purchasing only local wood. The ash borer – a destructive beetle – has been found in counties across the state and can be extremely harmful to forests. If you’re not aware of the signs this beetle might be present, read on!

What is the Ash Borer?

The ash borer is a type of beetle that nestles in ash trees and destroys them from within. Although adult females traditionally only eat the leaves and don’t cause much damage, the larvae eat the inner bark of the tree. This prevents the tree from getting water and nutrients, which eventually weakens and kills it from the inside. It originates from Southeast Asia but can be found in 35 states across the U.S.

Local, Local, Local

The best way to stop the spread of these insects is to purchase your NH firewood near where you will be using it. As of October 9th, New Hampshire officials have lifted the quarantine on firewood, which prevented bringing the wood across country lines. They lifted the ban because it wasn’t as effective as they thought it would be, but it did slow down the spread – so it works! With cold weather creeping in, the sale of NH firewood will increase. Remember to buy your firewood as local as possible!

Why You Should Care

So, why should you care about the ash borer? Well, for one, they are one of the most destructive pests plaguing our forests. They can destroy entire forests! Aside from merely caring about the status of the environment, losing this much forestry can have economic effects as well. For example, the ash borer has the potential to destroy enough ash trees to cost $320 MILLION in damages!

Here at Towle Hill Tree, we care about the environment. We hope to maintain an ethical practice as well as preserve the natural beauty of the state of New Hampshire. For more information about NH firewood or our other lumber services, visit our site here.