Why Do You Need NH Tree Removal?

Posted on March 26, 2018

tree removal nhThe weather in New England can be pretty unpredictable. From harsh thunderstorms in the summer to bitter cold winters, we’ve seen it all. There are precautions you can take to prevent damage, both to yourself and your home, during these harsh times. For example, maybe you have an electric generator in case you lose power. But are you doing everything you can be? The professionals at Towle Hill Tree want to keep you safe by providing our NH tree removal services year round.


Weak Trees are Dangerous

When trees die, they don’t just evaporate. They weaken over time and can cause damage if they come crashing down. Heavy snow or strong winds can act as a catalyst, causing trees to fall over and potentially damaging your home or other property. To prevent this, contact a professional at Towle Hill Tree to examine your tree.

Damaged or weakened trees can also fall onto electric lines, causing further damage. Downed power lines can be a hassle and close roads, but can also cause electrical hazards and electrocution if not handled in a timely fashion.

Remove with Caution

If it’s determined the tree needs to be removed, don’t worry. We will take the time to safely remove it from your property without causing additional damage. By offering some of the most comprehensive NH tree removal services around – we’ll take care of everything. Professionals assess the tree to see if it’s weak, then remove it, and even take the wood with us – leaving behind nothing. Additionally, our stump grinding services can turn what’s left of the tree into nutrient-dense mulch that you can use for a variety of things.

Your safety is a number one priority, but it’s easy for things to be overlooked in the event of an emergency. Make sure you’re doing what you can ahead of time to prevent future panic.

It’s easier to be preventative than to have to do damage control in the aftermath. At Towle Hill, we offer a variety of services, from NH tree removal to stump grinding, so you can feel at ease knowing you are safe from the storm. Give us a call at (603) 944-1879 to learn more about how you can prevent storm damage.