Myths About Tree Roots

Posted on May 17, 2017

If there is one thing we have learned about tree removal in NH on construction sites, it’s that there are Professional Tree Trimming in NH & MAmany people out there who have heard and believe different myths about root systems that are just wrong and end up killing the trees in their yard. Towle Hill does more than remove trees: we are experts in maintenance and want to debunk some of these misconceptions to help protect the trees you would like to save.

Roots only extend as far as the tree’s canopy

 If you live in a particularly woodsy area, you will find that roots grow far past the canopy and even the drip-line of the tree. Just keeping construction, such as large machinery and equipment, away from the base of a tree does not necessarily protect roots from damage.

Leaf growth indicate the health of a tree

Though it might seem logical that a tree would not be able to grow leaves without a healthy root system, there is much more to consider. The bark and branches should also be examined for decay and disease, as these indicate the health of the root system in place.

Roots grow deep beneath the ground and are little to worry about

Much like the concerns associated with how far roots extend, they are closer to the surface of the field than many anticipate. Roots need oxygen and water to survive and must be in the upper level of the soil to be useful to the tree’s health. Compacting the ground can decrease the flow of oxygen, and in turn, suffocate the tree.

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