Most Common DIY Tree Cutting Injuries

Posted on February 17, 2016

Tree removal in NH from Towle HillTowle Hill Tree and Timber knows how important it is for New Englanders to get in there and fix their own land when it’s necessary. We know how much pride we take in improving our properties, and sometimes that’s with land clearing. NH residents sometimes take on this project on their own, but many don’t know the dangers of tree removal when not completed by a professional company.


Falling. Depending on the lift equipment available and the height of the tree, injuries can vary from minor to extremely serious. Only professionals know how to maneuver around a tree as they’re working, and are required to use safety equipment.


Being hit by branches/trees. We’ve spoken in the past about how tree removal is a science, and it continues to be true. Being unaware, unprepared, or unsure of the way a tree or branch will fall can hurt the person cutting and anyone on the ground.


Electrocution. Those pesky wires might seem harmless, but they can often be one of the most dangerous aspects of any tree removal process. Logging companies create plans to work around these obstacles and to turn off power to avoid complications. Many homeowners are unaware of the extensive planning that must happen before beginning work and do not consider the consequences.


Equipment wounds. Being suspended in the air while holding a sharp-toothed chainsaw is already a conundrum for most professionals, let alone homeowners that have not perfected this delicate balance. One wrong move with these objects and it can be fatal to anyone in the vicinity.


If you’re considering land clearing, work with a logging company in NH that knows what they’re doing. Not only can you avoid these injuries, you can work with a business that will give you an affordable price. Give us a call today at (603) 944-1879.