Leave Stump Removal in NH to the Experts

Posted on June 30, 2015

Stump removal in NH from Towle Hill TreeSummer has arrived and with it a long laundry list of backyard projects you want to tackle before your yard is once again buried in snow. Trees must be pruned, fences mended, and brush cleared from your property. However, one of the most seemingly simple jobs a homeowner might want to handle on his or her own really should be left to the experts at Towle Hill Tree and Timber: stump removal in NH. Here are a few reasons why.


At Towle Hill Tree and Timber, we employ expert loggers and arborists with combined decades of experience in removing troublesome stumps from yards and properties. This experience not only allows us to tackle the project in a timely fashion, but allows us to do so with an eye towards safety and the least amount of damage to your lawn and property.


While we at Towle Hill Tree and Timber laud DIY homeowners, we have access to the equipment that allows our stump removal in NH goes smoothly and quickly. Often, homeowners will try some, shall we say, unorthodox methods involving rusty chains and a 4×4 pickup truck. For some of these unfortunate homeowners, the stump can often come out the winner in that contest of tug of war, and their vehicle and yard are worse off for it. Because of our experience and equipment, safety is part of the equation from beginning to end, and no one is sending their truck to a body shop.

Looks Can Deceive

On the surface, your annoying and unsightly stump may look like an unassuming problem that can be dispatched with a shovel and pick. But underneath the stump of even a young tree, the root systems provides the stump with a tremendous amount of resistance to removal. Especially for younger homeowners who’ve never had to contend with serious landscape projects, an hour-long project can snowball into a weekend project of digging and frustration. For us, stump removal in NH is just one in a series of services our experts are well schooled in.

Don’t let that stump linger in your yard any longer. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals at Towle Hill Tree and Timber. Call us today at (603) 944-1879.