Four Signs That You Need Tree Removal

Posted on June 26, 2018

Tree removal in NH from Towle HillMaintaining your property is crucial. After all, you invest time and money into it and want to keep it for some time. Though people primarily focus on adjusting their property’s interior, it’s as essential to keep an eye on the backyard and ensure it is a safe space. Unfortunately, trees can be hazardous. You may need to call us and get tree removal in NH sooner than later. So, how do you know when you need it?



1.) Rotting branches

If the tree has branches that aren’t in good shape, they are an indicator that the tree’s health is not up to par. Once a tree starts to rot, it is highly unlikely that it can get restored to its former state. If you’re having doubts or want to get rid of an unhealthy tree, contact us today and see what insight we can offer.


2.) Safety concerns

Should your tree be in the way of your pool or property, it’s crucial that you get rid of it, so it doesn’t impact the people nearby. If a branch snaps or the tree falls entirely, it’s dangerous and could cause plenty of damage to you or your home. Don’t let a tree stay in your yard if it has the potential to create some very harmful effects!


3.) Plans

Say you want to install a new pool or something of that ilk. You’re going to need the room to get it ready, and if a tree is in the way, you need tree removal in NH. You’ll get more breathing room and be able to have more space to enjoy your backyard. We also suggest tree trimming for maintenance if applicable.


4.) Plenty of trees in your yard

Do you find that you have plenty of trees in your yard as it is? If you let tons of trees grow in your yard, it can become overwhelming and cause safety issues. Tree removal may be ideal for you if you’ve noticed that your yard has little space for everyone to breathe. Plus, with extra room, the trees that stay will have much more space to flourish and reach their full potential.



Towle Hill Tree & Timber is happy to provide expert tree removal in NH. To learn more about this service or our company as a whole, give us a call at (603) -944-1879 and see what we can do for you today!