Fire Prevention With Land Clearing

Posted on June 20, 2017

When customers think about land clearing, logging, and tree removal in NH, they often think of theWholesale Firewood NH
reasons they might invest. Many times, it’s to make way for a new structure and to give their family more room to utilize their outdoor space. On top of the function uses, one of the largest concerns is and always will be for the safety. Plenty of homeowners will want trees removed with dangerous branches, that are leaning, or other similar reasons. What many do not think about from the start is the protection it can give against forest fires.

There are quite a few ways you can work towards fire prevention on your land, and here are a few suggestions from Towle Hill:

  • Selective tree removal can improve forest health, which can ultimately prevent fires
  • Vegetation and debris removal can limit the rate a fire can spread
  • Removal of dead or diseased trees and branches can also reduce fire intensity

After facing a blazing hot and dry summer in New England just last year, it’s always important to consider the ways you can improve your land in case of an emergency. These tasks can significantly reduce the chances of a forest fire, protect your home and those around you, and ensure that your property is well maintained for the future seasons ahead.

So, where do you start?

Fortunately, there are businesses out there that can help you take on these projects safely and responsibly. Towle Hill Tree and Timber has been assisting families with a variety of tree services since 2010. Our professionals are trained and ready to help add value to your property. We believe in our services so much; we even offer a free analysis and estimate.

With more questions about our services, please contact us today by calling (603) 944-1879.