Finding the Root of the Problem

Posted on September 15, 2016

New Hampshire & Massachusetts Tree RemovalWhen many property owners think about land clearing in NH, they often think of the benefits associated with what you can see above the ground, but what about what is happening below the surface? Ridding your land of trees not only looks great and can reduce visible liabilities and risks, it also helps protect your home and loved ones.

There are many reasons there should always be a little room between your home and the trees that surround it. From fallen branches to clogged gutters to diseased and dying wood that can attract insects, there are many external factors that can impact the integrity of your home. One of the most destructive aspects of trees is one we are not able to see until it’s nearly too late, and that is a tree’s root system.

Though at first glance root systems might not appear to be a problem, they have been known to severely damage a home’s basement and foundation.

As they begin to grow in diameter and squeeze between foundation and the surrounding soil, it increases to pressure to the outside walls. As we pass through the seasons, these roots expand and contract, and can cause so much pressure that the walls crack. Depending on the tree species, some root systems can be considered invasive, and might cause even more extensive damage.

Unfortunately, ridding your yard of these roots can be a difficult process, but catching the problems early on can save you lots of headaches and money. If you have been wondering if tree removal in NH is the right decision for the trees that sit a little too close for comfort near your home, get in touch with us at Towle Hill. We offer a number of land clearing services, including stump removal. With more questions, please contact us today at (603) 944-1879.