Fall in New Hampshire: Tree Removal

Posted on November 26, 2018

branch-1161118_1920Ah, it’s that time a year again. People come from all over to travel through New Hampshire state parks and marvel at the beautiful changing leaves. But with the changing leaves also means cooler temperatures and increased hazardous weather. So far this fall, we have seen some pretty extreme wind and rain storms. This weather can be dangerous for weak or dying trees, and those around. That’s why NH tree removal is so important.

Weather Related Incidents

Wind and rain plague New Englanders year round, but the winter also brings unique challenges. Heavy snow and slick ice can make driving hazardous, but what if we told you it could also cause problems in your backyard? The weight of the falling snow can sometimes cause branches to snap, putting yourself and your family a favor. Now is the time to remove weak branches or those too close to your home or driveway. Don’t worry; it won’t hurt the tree – it’s just like a haircut!

Diseased or Damaged

In addition to heavy weather,  sick or damaged trees can be a cause of concern. You want to do this before it becomes in danger of falling. Even if the fall wouldn’t cause damage to your property, removing it can allow the healthier trees more room to grow, as well as prevent the spreading of disease.

It’s Too Close for Comfort

Growing trees too close to your home can be dangerous. In addition to the risk of damaging property, which we discussed above, growing roots can be problematic as well. They can infringe on your foundation and cause damage, or it can affect underground utilities. You may need NH tree removal in these cases, even if the tree is healthy.

It’s best to be proactive and cautious in situations involving such large plants. Regular maintenance can minimize the risk of spreading disease and keep your home safe from falling branches. Make sure to call in a professional from Towle Hill Tree and Timber for all your NH tree removal needs.