Common Tree Cutting Mistakes

Posted on September 18, 2017

As a New Hampshire logging company, Towle Hill has heard some scary stories about home and propertylogging nh owners who decide to take on land clearing and logging themselves. NH residents are often do-it-yourselfers, but this is one instance where services should be left to the professionals. Here are some of the most common tree cutting mistakes we see:

Pruning the wrong time of year

Regular tree maintenance is necessary, but too often people are unaware of the best times of year to prune. Early spring or fall are often the ideal times as the cool weather and dormancy can help prevent disease and other common concerns.

Incorrect use of a chainsaw

There are over 28,000 chainsaw-related accidents in the US every year, and though it might seem like a simple tool to use, they are extremely dangerous. People are often unaware of the “kickback” that occurs when the saw touches wood, which often results in injury.

Removing stumps without the proper equipment

We’ve all seen someone attempt to remove a stump by wrapping it in a chain, attaching the chain to their truck. Root systems are large, complex, and usually, result in damages to your lawn and your vehicle. This system is more harmful than helpful!

Improper falling cut

The hinge you create on a tree when eliminating it should be thought out and executed with caution, especially when surrounded by other healthy trees, homes, and workers. Cut too deep, and your tree could fall whichever way gravity decides to take it.

If you have unwanted trees, Towle Hill is here to help! We have worked with hundreds of clients to clear their land and do it with the skills and professional equipment that will make you feel safe. We are insured, licensed, and excited to work with you.

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