Ah, it’s that time a year again. People come from all over to travel through New Hampshire state parks and marvel at the beautiful changing leaves. But with the changing leaves also means cooler temperatures and increased hazardous weather. So far this fall, we have seen some pretty extreme wind and rain storms. This weather […]

Posted on October 26, 2018 in firewood NH, Towle Hill Tree & Timber

If you’ve purchased NH firewood recently, you’ve probably noticed a recent spike in enforcing the policies and laws regarding purchasing only local wood. The ash borer – a destructive beetle – has been found in counties across the state and can be extremely harmful to forests. If you’re not aware of the signs this beetle […]

Posted on September 26, 2018 in Towle Hill Tree & Timber, tree trimming NH

With fall finally here, you are probably paying more attention to your trees than ever before. While you’re admiring the changing leaves, have you noticed one tree, in particular, doesn’t look as vibrant as the rest? Or perhaps you’re seeing just how close those heavy tree limbs hover over your driveway? Here at Towle Tree, […]

Posted on August 26, 2018 in logging NH, Towle Hill Tree & Timber

If you’re from New Hampshire or spend a lot of time here, you’re probably at least somewhat aware of how much we care about our environment. From laws regarding water quality to strict penalties for littering, we work hard to keep our natural environment beautiful with minimal human impact. With that in mind, NH logging […]

  Aside from supporting local businesses, there are many benefits to purchasing and burning your firewood in New Hampshire. If you’re planning a campfire this summer, consider the effects of burning wood that’s not local. Firewood brought in from other areas – typically a radius of 50 miles – can carry unwanted passengers. Invasive species […]